Animal Hide Rugs

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Welcome to our roundup of the top Animal Hide Rugs on the market! Let’s dive into the world of stunning animal hides and discover the perfect addition to your home decor. From luxurious cowhide rugs to stylish sheepskin rugs, our selection offers a variety of options to suit your taste and needs. Get ready to elevate your living space with these exclusive rugs that are both functional and visually appealing.

The Top 5 Best Animal Hide Rugs

  1. Gray Faux Cowhide Accent Rug: Authentic Print for Contemporary Spaces — Bring the beauty of nature indoors with Linon’s Faux Cowhide Rug in Gray — add a touch of sophistication and style to any room while enjoying the easy maintenance of polyester construction.
  2. Faux Cowhide Rug: Stylish Animal Hide Design for the Living Room — Step up your living or office space with this luxuriously soft, faux-cowhide rug in a chic grey + beige design, perfectly suited for cozy homes and play areas.
  3. Zebra Print Cowhide Rug for Bedroom and Living Room — Embellish your home with the authentic Zebra Wild Print Black on Beige Cowhide Rug, a luxurious and genuine cow rug perfectly suited for any room while displaying 100% natural beauty.
  4. Elegant Cowhide Area Rug with Viscose Blend — Experience ultimate luxury and elegance with the Pasargad Hand-Loomed Cowhide Area Rug, a lightweight and effortlessly chic addition to any space.
  5. Fashionable Leopard Print Area Rug — Transform your living space with the stylish and versatile Yingda1992 Faux Leopard Hide Rug, featuring a vibrant leopard print pattern and durable polyester construction, perfect for enhancing any room in your home.

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Gray Faux Cowhide Accent Rug: Authentic Print for Contemporary Spaces

Gray Faux Cowhide Accent Rug: Authentic Print for Contemporary Spaces | Image

I recently added a Linon Faux Hide Polyester Mini Cowhide Accent Rug to my living room, and it’s been a game-changer. The rug’s short hair-like polyester material really captures the authentic look of a cowhide rug, but with the benefits of synthetic construction. The perfect mix of grey and cream brindle adds a touch of class to any room style, from modern to farmhouse.

One of the best features of this rug is its compact size — perfect for small spaces. Plus, the vacuum-friendly pile is a breeze to maintain. However, I did find the spot cleaning instructions a bit vague, so I recommend using a professional cleaner for any major spills or stains. All in all, this Faux Cowhide Rug is a fantastic addition to my home and a stylish choice for any space.

Faux Cowhide Rug: Stylish Animal Hide Design for the Living Room

Faux Cowhide Rug: Stylish Animal Hide Design for the Living Room | Image

I recently tried this Faux Cowhide Area Rug in my home, and I must say, it was a great addition! The rug had a premium quality faux fur that beautifully replicated the natural weight and depth of color. It was the perfect size for my living room, at about 6.7x5.1 feet, and the main color was a beautiful blend of grey and beige.

The design was unique and added a chic style to my space, making it comfortable for my family to use. I really liked how the rug looked in the living room, and it also worked well as a play rug for the kids. The low pile height gave it a luxurious touch, and it was durable, shed-free, and fade-resistant.

One thing to note was that, out of the box, the rug had visible creases due to packaging, but it was nothing a quick pat couldn’t fix. Also, remember to wash the rug alone to avoid damaging other clothes. The size measurement was accurate, and the color in the photos turned out to be quite close to the actual product.

Overall, I’m happy with this Faux Cowhide Area Rug and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable addition to their home.

Zebra Print Cowhide Rug for Bedroom and Living Room

Zebra Print Cowhide Rug for Bedroom and Living Room | Image

I recently bought the Sunshine Cowhides Genuine Zebra Wild Print rug for my living room, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The rug’s vibrant, unique zebra print in black on beige was a great addition to my modern-themed space, and it definitely turned heads when my friends visited.

The rug itself was very comfortable underfoot, thanks to its 0.5-millimeter thickness. The handpicked hair on cowhide made it feel luxurious, and I appreciated that it was 100% natural. However, I did notice that there was a slight variation in size, color, and pattern, which I took as a sign of its authenticity and handcrafted nature.

The rug’s dimensions were perfect for my living room, measuring 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width. Despite its size, it was surprisingly easy to clean, as long as I used machine wash for maintenance.

While I was impressed by the rug’s quality and design, I did notice that it wasn’t machine washable, which may be a slight inconvenience for some users. Additionally, the rug didn’t have any structural reinforcement or latex backing, which might make it less suitable for high-traffic areas in your home.

Overall, the Sunshine Cowhides Genuine Zebra Wild Print rug is a stylish and luxurious addition to any modern-themed living space. It’s handmade, incredibly comfortable, and comes in a fantastic zebra print that’s sure to turn heads. However, potential buyers should be aware that it’s not machine washable and may not be as sturdy as other rugs.

Elegant Cowhide Area Rug with Viscose Blend

Elegant Cowhide Area Rug with Viscose Blend | Image

As I walked into my living room, the Pasargad Hand-Loomed Cowhide Area Rug instantly caught my eye. Its elegant and unique design perfectly matched my modern interior. The rich texture and contemporary look of this luxurious rug truly bring an air of sophistication to any room.

Lifting the rug, I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight it is, making it easy to move around. The handmade nature of the rug was evident in its subtle shifts in color, which added to its overall charm. Although I loved the rug’s design, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it is a cowhide pattern on fabric and not fully made of cowhide.

Overall, the Pasargad Hand-Loomed Cowhide Area Rug is a unique and stylish addition to my home, with its premium quality materials, contemporary look, and skilled craftsmanship. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious and elegant rug, but be aware of its partially cowhide and partially fabric construction.

Fashionable Leopard Print Area Rug

Fashionable Leopard Print Area Rug | Image

Just like the luxurious hide of a leopard, this Yingda1992 rug adds a touch of wild elegance to any space. The vibrant leopard print is not just a statement piece, but also a conversation starter that’s sure to impress your guests.

Made from eco-friendly, faux leather, this rug is not only a fashionable addition to your home, but also a practical one. It’s easy to clean, just a quick spray with water or a simple sweep should do the trick. However, be sure to hand wash and air dry it, as machine washing is not an option.

The rug is designed with durability in mind, featuring a solid leopard pattern and a high-pile, fluffy texture that’s both comfortable and eye-catching. It’s versatile too, not just for your floors, but also for your furniture, stairs, and even your walls.

Despite some visible creases from packaging, the smell dissipated quickly, leaving behind a beautiful, modern addition to your home decor. But remember, it’s meant for indoor use only, so leave those leopard prints to the savannah.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Buyer’s Guide for Animal Hide Rugs. This guide will help you understand the important features, considerations, and advice for selecting the perfect rug made from animal hides. We will cover a range of topics to ensure you make an informed decision when purchasing a rug suitable for your living space.


Benefits of Animal Hide Rugs

Animal hide rugs offer several benefits, including durability, comfort, and a natural appearance. These rugs are made from the skin of various animals such as sheep, goat, cow, and even reptiles like crocodile or lizard. Due to their thick and resilient nature, animal hide rugs are a popular choice for those seeking a rug with excellent wear resistance and a long lifespan.

Material Quality and Maintenance

When shopping for animal hide rugs, it is essential to consider the quality of the material. High-quality animal hides are typically sourced from healthy animals with proper care and attention. It is crucial to assess the material’s texture, softness, and resistance to wear and tear before making a purchase. Additionally, proper maintenance, including regular cleaning and vacuuming, will help maintain your rug’s appearance and ensure its longevity.


Design Style and Colors

Animal hide rugs are available in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors, making it easy to find a stylish option to fit your home decor. Many rugs feature natural designs with minimal processing, while others may feature more intricate patterns or vibrant color palettes. When selecting a rug, consider the existing colors and decor in your living space and choose a rug that complements or enhances the overall aesthetic.

Size and Placement

When purchasing an animal hide rug, consider the size and placement within your living space. Measure the area where you plan to place the rug to determine the appropriate size. Larger rugs can anchor a room and provide a sense of scale, while smaller rugs can effectively define a conversation or seating area. Additionally, consider the colors and patterns in your space to ensure that your new rug enhances the overall design.



What are animal hide rugs made of?

Animal hide rugs are made from the skins of animals such as sheep, goats, cows, and sometimes exotic animals like zebras and ostriches. The skins are processed to remove hair and impurities, and then tanned, dried, and cut to create rugs in various sizes and designs. These rugs are known for their durability, warmth, and unique appearance.

Different types of animal hide rugs may have unique characteristics and are associated with specific cultures or regions. For example, Moroccan Berber rugs are known for their intricate patterns and bold colors, while Navajo rugs are renowned for their geometric designs and intricate weaving techniques.


Are animal hide rugs suitable for all types of flooring?

Animal hide rugs can be used on various flooring types, including hardwood, ceramic tile, and laminate. However, it is essential to consider the texture of the rug, as some may have a high pile or rough surface, making them unsuitable for smooth floor surfaces or those prone to scratches. It is always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult a rug specialist to ensure the best match for your flooring type.

Additionally, animal hide rugs should be rotated regularly to prevent uneven wear and to maintain their overall appearance. Regular vacuuming or brushing can also help to extend the lifespan of the rug and keep it looking its best. Some rugs may require special cleaning solutions or professional cleaning to maintain their quality, so ensure you follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of using animal hide rugs?

Animal hide rugs offer several benefits compared to other types of rugs. They are durable and long-lasting, making them a good investment for homeowners who want a rug that can withstand heavy foot traffic and last for many years. The natural materials used in these rugs also make them environmentally friendly and biodegradable, reducing their impact on the environment.

Many animal hide rugs are also hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with allergies or sensitivities to synthetic materials. The natural fibers do not retain odors or attract dirt, making them easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, the unique patterns and textures of animal hide rugs can add a sense of warmth and character to any space, making them a stylish and practical choice for home decor.


How should I care for my animal hide rug?

Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure your animal hide rug lasts as long as possible. First, rotate the rug regularly to prevent uneven wear and to maintain its appearance. Vacuum or brush the rug regularly to remove dirt and debris, and avoid using excessive water or cleaning solutions, as this can damage the natural fibers.

If your animal hide rug requires professional cleaning, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a rug specialist who has experience with natural fiber rugs. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on your rug, as this can cause damage or reduce its lifespan. Additionally, consider investing in a rug pad to provide extra protection and prevent slipping or movement of the rug on your flooring.

What are some popular styles of animal hide rugs?

Animal hide rugs come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors, making them a versatile choice for home decor. Some popular styles include traditional Persian rugs, Moroccan Berber rugs, Navajo rugs, and Southwestern-style rugs, which feature bold geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Other styles may have more subdued patterns or feature natural fibers in their original colors, creating a more rustic or eco-friendly look.

When choosing an animal hide rug, consider the size, color, and pattern that best suits your space and decor style. Many rug retailers offer a wide selection of animal hide rugs, so take your time to browse and find the perfect one for your home. Additionally, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or a rug specialist for tips on selecting the right rug for your flooring type and care requirements.

Can I use animal hide rugs outdoors?

While animal hide rugs are generally durable, they are not designed for outdoor use and exposure to extreme weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures can cause the rug’s fibers to deteriorate, leading to fading, discoloration, or structural damage. If you want to use an animal hide rug outdoors, ensure it is placed in a covered area or used as a decorative accent that is not exposed to direct sunlight or precipitation.

For outdoor use, consider natural fiber rugs specifically designed for exterior environments. These rugs are made from materials such as sisal, seagrass, or coir, which are better suited for outdoor conditions. When shopping for outdoor rugs, look for those with UV protection and water-resistant properties to ensure they can withstand the elements and maintain their quality over time.

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